A Snowy Elopement in the Lake District

For the purposes of this blog post, I must say that this was not a real elopement and was a workshop.

I can think of few places more beautiful in England to have a romantic and adventurous elopement like those we see across the sea in America. Full of wonder, beauty and sometimes snow, the Lake District is one of England's most gorgeous places and definitely a perfect place to elope.

This Lake District elopement was a workshop run by the incredible Esme Whiteside. Esme couldn't have picked a more perfect day if she tried for the workshop. It was our first snow of the year and the night before was a terrible snowstorm. Driving up to Windermere in the snow and the dark was a bit scary and I was definitely relieved to reach my Airbnb and settle in under a cosy blanket for the night. I was concerned the storm would continue to the next day however the next morning I awoke to clear blue skies and sun, the snow settled on the ground and glistening.

The first part of the day was spent in a lovely, small hotel in Ambleside. We photographed while Jeannie got ready and also while Jeannie and Matty wrote their 'vows'. Once both Jeannie and Matty were ready, Jeannie in a gorgeous bohemian wedding gown and Matty in a more casual attire, we headed up to a very special location about a 20-minute drive up from Ambleside. I will be keeping the name of the location private. Unfortunately in recent years the location has been gaining popularity and has been attracting unwanted attention, which comes with littering and a less-than-kind approach to keeping the location pristine.

It is a breathtaking location, especially for a Lake District elopement. There is a small lake, wooded areas, mountain backdrops and walking trails to adventure down.

The gallery is a mix of digital and 35mm film at the end. You can find the full gallery here: Jeannie & Matty


Workshop by Esme Whiteside - https://www.esmewhitesidephotography.co.uk/

Dress: https://www.jeanjacksoncouture.com/

Flowers: https://emmacoxfloristry.com/

Model Couple: https://www.instagram.com/couple.of.scotts/

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