What is a Self Love Photoshoot?

a way to celebrate who you are and the love that you hold within you

I don't think many people associate the term 'love story' with a single person however I've always felt that one of the greatest kinds of love stories can be those that we share with ourselves. The ways we understand and grow into our own existence. The way we cultivate romance and authenticity through a connection with our being. I believe the love we have for ourselves is as important to celebrate as the love we have for others.

What actually is a self-love photoshoot?

In my work, a self-love/confidence photoshoot is a space for you to explore your connection with yourself, and for you to celebrate who you are. It is a space for us to create art together and capture your authenticity. It is a space for you to try something new and push through any boundaries of self-criticism or self-consciousness that might arise. To show you that there is a deservingness and worthiness within you that cannot be expressed in numbers or words.

Together we set intentions for the session, such as celebrating a new chapter of life. The intentions can be big or small, you can set just one or many. This is your space.

The photos we take can serve many different purposes. For some, the purpose is in the session itself, and for some, it lies in the end product. To see the photos and see yourself in a beautiful, authentic way can be the intention. Or to create a reminder for you in the future, that this is where you are now or how far you've come.

When you first enquire, we discuss why you've reached out, and what is it that you would like to explore or work on. What intentions do you have for the art we will create together? Is anything holding you back at the moment, is there a place that you see yourself evolving to? What is it that you'd like to see through the photos? We explore who you are and build a session that is unique to you, a session that serves the purposes and intentions that you have set.

The sessions are different for every person and it is this uniqueness that I love to help you embrace for your photoshoot.

An intentional portrait session with me involves a lot of care and getting to know each other. It is through the connection that we build, along with trust and comfort, that we create photos reflecting the magnificence of who you are.




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