Stunning Sunset Maternity Photoshoot at Formby Beach

Laura & I had been talking on Instagram for a while before we finally put in a date for her maternity photoshoot with her lovely baby Amelia at Formby Beach.

A mother and baby for a maternity photoshoot on a beach at sunset.

Despite being a sunny summer evening, as is typical of an English summer, Formby Beach itself was pretty cold. This didn't seem to deter Amelia though. While we were walking, Laura told me about her love of spontaneous adventure and how, one thing she's most excited to share with Amelia, is a love of travel. It became abundantly clear as we set Amelia down on the sand that this love of adventure is as much in Amelia as it is in her parents.

Amelia loved the sand, as she continued to take handfuls and watch as it poured through her tiny grasp. Every time Laura tried to pick her up, she would make it very clear she wanted to be back down and playing with the sand. I couldn't help but feel that Formby Beach had been the most perfect choice for their maternity photoshoot.

As the evening went on, Amelia asked to be fed, so we took some time taking some beautiful and intimate breastfeeding photos.

While the sun continued to set, the evening became gradually colder, so we took a few more images in the sand dunes before heading towards the sea.

While we'd been on the sand dunes, the tide had turned and the sea was working it's way back out. It took us some time to walk there and by the time we had reached the water, Amelia had begun to get cold. Not wanting Amelia to be cold for much longer, we did some speedy photos by the sea before heading, quite quickly, back to the cars so all of us, especially Amelia, could warm up.

Thank you Laura for letting me capture these beautiful memories for you.

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