Blurry photo of Beth standing on a mountain and running her hand through her hair as the wind is blowing.

Portrait & Self-Love Photography

- Wholesome -

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manchester & north west england

there is so much love and magic in your being that deserves to feel celebrated and recognised

What is a self-love photoshoot?

A self-love/confidence photoshoot is a space for you to explore your connection with yourself, and for you to celebrate who you are. It is a space for us to create art together and capture your authenticity. It is a space for you to try something new and push through any boundaries of self-criticism or self-consciousness that might arise. To show you that there is a deservingness and worthiness within you that cannot be expressed in numbers or words.

The photos we take can serve many different purposes. For some, the purpose is in the session itself, and for some, it lies in the end product. To see the photos and see yourself as you are. Or to create a reminder for you in the future, that this is where you are now or how far you've come.

Portrait & Self-Love Photography

POrtrait & Self-love photographer based in manchester & around north west england.

My style is gentle meets wholesome, meets adventure, meets authenticity, meets the wonderful great outdoors. In my work, I really focus on creating not only beautiful photos but photos that feel like you. Photos that you can look back on and remember exactly who and how you were at the time. After all, photos are physical forms of memory.

A big part of my work is the natural world and I can't think of a better place to celebrate your existence than with the world around you. I love the big places, where you can roll in the sand, run into the sea, adventure into the tallest of hills and stand on the tops of mountains. Despite this, I am also very aware that these big spaces aren't always accessible and studio/home sessions can be just as beautiful and intimate.

I am Charlotte Dormoy, a hopeful romantic, a lover of love and a storyteller who provides portrait and self-love photography across the North West of England and beyond.