Jessika’s Self Love Photoshoot

The beautiful Jessika reached out to me earlier this year for an intentional portrait session in the form of a self-love photoshoot. We talked a lot in the process of planning the session and she shared with me that since she had begun taking medication for her mental health, she'd noticed that her weight was increasing. Part of the focus of our session together was to reframe the way she was seeing her body and to help her to see her body as worthy of love, no matter how it looks. We took some beautiful photos together and Jessika has chosen to keep some private. While I love sharing photos from the sessions I work on and of the people who I have the honour to work with, I will forever believe that these photos are uniquely personal and sometimes, photos should be created for the individual alone. I love my self-love photoshoots so much, and the experience of celebrating another human's being-ness and worthiness will never lose its magic.

To see Jessika's full gallery, head over to my galleries and filter by portraits, or you can click the link below.

Thank you Jessika ❤️

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