Beach Maternity Photoshoot: Tips & Ideas

some of the most beautiful maternity photoshoots I've had the opportunity to work on have been at the beach and I can't think of a more beautiful space to celebrate this time in your life

Are you thinking about having your maternity shoot at the beach?

One of my favourite locations for a beautiful maternity or pregnancy shoot is on the beach. The beach provides a magical sense of calm and tranquillity and has a natural beauty perfect for maternity shoots. From dramatic rainstorms to orange sunsets, the beach forever looks magical in all weather. There is so much variety to be found at beaches too: rolling, grassy dunes, woodland, the open sea, & cliffs. There is something for everyone.

Black and white photo of a couple holding each other in the sea for their beach pregnancy photoshoot.
Tash & Chris on their couples maternity photoshoot in April 2023

How do I go about planning a beach maternity shoot?


The first thing to consider is the type of beach you'd like to shoot at and whether there is one nearby you. England has some truly spectacular beaches and all with different vibes. Do you want to be in the sea, or standing on a cliff top? Do you prefer sandy beaches over stoney ones? I recommend going through Pinterest to see what kind of vibe stands out to you and starting up a little Pinterest board so that you can use it for inspiration later down the line!


Next, you probably want to find your photographer. Your photographer doesn't have to be local to you, nor do you have to be local to your photographer or the beach you want to shoot at. It is so important to find a photographer who you trust, not only to make you feel comfortable during your shoot but also whose style calls out to you. Your photographer will be telling your unique story so look at their previous work. Go through their website and social media. See how they talk about their clients, and how they share their client's stories. Do they focus on standard poses, or do they capture their clients in their authenticity and with honesty? It's also important that your photographer understands any requirements you may have especially on an outdoor shoot. They should be checking in with you about what you're able or not able to do whilst also incorporating your vision. Google, Instagram & TikTok are amazing tools to find lovely photographers whose style you connect with.

Time of day

When planning your beach shoot with your photographer, it's important to discuss the time of day. A lot of photographers, myself included, love early or evening light due to its softness. In my own work, I always ask my clients whether they have a preference for mornings or for evenings and we work around whichever they have a preference for however some photographers may be more strict on their timings. For outdoor shoots, I always recommend that you keep a level of flexibility open for the day of your shoot. Living in England, the weather isn't always what we want it to be and can change quickly. Keeping some flexibility in your day means that if the time that you're supposed to be shooting at looks like it's going to have bad weather but the rest of the day looks okay, you can just switch times instead of rearranging the date.

What to wear

The most important thing for me is that you wear what you're comfortable in. You will always look best in clothing that you feel at home in. For all of my shoots, whether they're at the beach or not, I recommend wearing either neutral colours or earthy tones. Bright colours can look out of place, steal the spotlight and cast strange colours onto your skin. When you inquire with me, I send you a guide with outfit ideas and styling tips. If you are having trouble thinking of what to wear, bring it all with you. Sometimes your photographer, the location and weather can help decide what looks best.

Amy & Keiran's beach maternity photoshoot in February 2023

What else should I know?

Nerves are totally a normal thing when you go in front of the camera. Whether you've had your photos taken before or not, it is completely okay to feel anxious however try to come to the session open-minded and ready to try something new. Sometimes the best photos are taken when you step out of your comfort zone. That being said, your photographer should never put you in a position of discomfort and if they suggest something that you do not feel comfortable with, it is completely fine to say no. They should just move on to the next thing.

It can also help to come to the session with a mood board. This can be something you've shared with your photographer beforehand or something you've created the night before. Part of the reason for this is that it can help to give a reference to what your photographer might be asking for. Posing can be vague sometimes but having a photo in front of you can make it less so. The other reason is to make sure that you are getting what you want out of the shoot. There is nothing worse than getting your photos back and realising you didn't get the specific shots that you wanted. Moodboards show your photographer what is important to you so that they can capture it all.

When is the best time for a maternity photoshoot?

Generally, I suggest maternity shoots happen when you're around 30 weeks, between 28 and 35. It's a nice place where you can see your beautiful bump but you're still able to comfortably get around. Walking on sand is not easy at all and being on your feet for periods of time can be tricky for many people, so add pregnancy on top of that and a shoot could become very exhausting if you're later on in your pregnancy.

Can I book with you?

Yes of course!! If you think I'm the right photographer for you then please reach out on my inquiry page. I'd absolutely love to capture a beach maternity photoshoot for you. They can be so so much fun and wholesome. It would be my honour to share that space with you and create some art!

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