A Romantic, Luxury Wedding at Thornbridge Hall

Thornbridge Hall is one of the most gorgeous wedding venues I've had the opportunity to visit. As this was a small styled shoot consisting of myself and my lovely model couple, Glen and Tom, we only had access to the gardens but what magical gardens they were. As we walked around, I couldn't stop imagining how glorious a real outdoor, garden wedding at Thornbridge Hall would be. With so many different and breathtaking gardens, from their Italian Garden to their terraced lawns, there was romance around every corner.

We began our shoot up around the Orangery, embracing the most gorgeous plant wall. We stayed under cover for a little bit due to the rain however the Orangery was gorgeous to shoot next to and was perfect while we waited for the rain to finish.

Glen and Tom, a model couple, about to kiss in front of a wall of foliage.

The Bowling Green & Koi Lake

As the rain stopped, we headed down to the Bowling Green and Koi Lake so we could enjoy the gorgeous hall as a backdrop.

Black and white image of Glen and Tom walking together towards the camera and laughing with Thornbridge Hall behind them.
A horizontal image of Glen about to kiss Tom turned portrait. Image is in black and white.

The Italian Garden

The Italian Garden was a small taste of a European wedding in England. When the weather is beautiful I imagine you could easily be fooled into believing you are across the sea. A little piece of Italy right there in Bakewell felt like a little bit of magic and incredibly romantic.

Glen and Tom standing separately in the Italian Garden at Thornbridge Hall and looking at each other.

The Knot Garden

Before making our way up to the front lawns, we walked through the Knot Garden which had the most gorgeous view over the Thornbridge Estate beyond the house and gardens. The stone wall and landscape beyond made us feel like we were walking through a Jane Austin story.

The Bottom & Top Front Lawns

The two lawns in front of the house are just as beautiful as everywhere else. I believe that the top lawn can be used for outdoor ceremonies which I imagine would be spectacular, especially on a beautiful day. The house itself finally becomes a central character in the images as it becomes a backdrop for the lawns. With the ivy growing up the side, it feels like a mix between a classic English estate and a small European destination wedding venue.

The Herbaceous Border

Before we began to head back, we explored around the side of the house. Behind are the views of the front lawns and estate, and in front is a stunning pathway perfect for some walking images and solo photos.

The Kitchen Garden & Scented Terrace

The last place we stopped at before heading back towards the entrance was the Kitchen Garden & Scented Terrace, overflowing with foliage, flowers and edible plants. There were archways of flowers to hide under that I imagine would look beautiful throughout the whole summer, with colours changing month by month.

Thornbridge Hall is a gorgeous wedding venue and I think it could be perfect for anyone who dreams of a glorious and romantic European wedding without having to leave England. The venue caters for both small and large weddings, with a capacity of 250 people. It left us completely in awe of its beauty. It would be an absolute dream to photograph a real wedding here. If you are planning a wedding at Thornbridge Hall, I'd love to hear from you.

This gallery was a mix of digital images, 35mm film and Instax wide photos.

To explore Thornbridge Hall, you can find their website here: https://www.thornbridgehall.co.uk/wedding

Their Instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/thornbridge_estate_weddings/

To see more of Glen and Tom, you can find them here: https://www.instagram.com/glenandtom/

And lastly, if you'd like to see the full gallery of images, you can find it here: https://charlottedormoy.com/gallery/thornbridge-hall-wedding-shoot/

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