A Loving Outdoor Couples Photoshoot near Sheffield

I met R & H for their couples photoshoot at Padley Gorge, near Sheffield. The shoot was a combination of a shoot for them and also a small mentoring session for a friend who wanted to practice shooting a couple.

R & H are two incredibly special people. Their love story felt like one from a book or a film - meeting on the 88 bus at 16 years old, to experiencing the difficulties of long-distance when H went to study medicine in Bulgaria for 6 years. As the pandemic swept across the globe, H returned home and in 2021 they were married. It really hit me how in love with each other these two are, I know that sounds like a funny thing to say but the respect they have for each other is incredibly endearing.

For their shoot, they had told me that Padley Gorge, just outside of Sheffield, was one of their favourite places to go together, to exist and be in each other's company while walking along the stream. They also mentioned that they would love to include a picnic, an activity that holds a special place in their hearts.

The evening of their couples shoot, the sun was upon us. The weather was warm and the picnic was perfect. It was such a joy to photograph these two in their element. The gallery is a mix of digital and a few 35mm images that I had left on a spare roll of film.

To see the full gallery, you can find it here http://charlottedormoy.com/gallery/rwina-haroon-couples-shoot/

While I primarily shoot on the Manchester side of the Peak District, it was a welcome change to do a couples photoshoot nearer to Sheffield. I'd not had the opportunity to visit Padley Gorge before, and now I hope to do more shoots there. Depending on where you are in Sheffield, Padley Gorge is about a 20-30 minute drive making it the perfect spot for a couples photoshoot, or any kind of photoshoot for that matter. Just up from Padley Gorge is Suprise View also. Both spots are incredibly beautiful at sunset.

If you're thinking about a couples photoshoot somewhere near Sheffield, I would love to know. Please reach out and we can discuss your dream shoot!

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